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Swiss Association for Technical Inspections

The brand name for the safety of technical systems and devices.



As a private, independent, not-for-profit association that has around 8,000 members, the SVTI takes on official and private tasks on behalf of the state and the cantons. The purpose of the SVTI is the prevention of accidents, malfunctions and damage and the elimination of hazards in the production and operation of technical equipment of all kinds.


The SVTI’s main activities include monitoring technical equipment and devices such as pipelines, installations in power plants and pressurised containers, as well as monitoring the market for lifts and pressure equipment.


The SVTI is divided into the following departments: the Pressure Vessel Inspectorate, the Federal Pipelines Inspectorate (FPI), the Nuclear Inspectorate, the Federal Inspectorate for Lifts (EIA) and Market Surveillance for Pressure Equipment.

Swiss Safety Center

Forward with safety


Services and expertise

Our portfolio of services for industry, retail and commerce includes checks, permits and inspections of pressure equipment, welding technology and dangerous goods as well as conformity assessments. A wealth of other services complete the Swiss Safety Center’s portfolio, including CE labelling and certification, evaluations, expert assessments, damage analyses, non-destructive testing of materials, and specialised initial and continuing vocational training.

The Swiss Safety Center also has established expertise in the fields of materials science, metallurgy, materialography and corrosion.


Other focal areas

Damage and fire prevention are further focal areas of the Swiss Safety Center’s diverse activities, as are environmental and occupational safety, health protection, security and risk management.


Cooperation and memberships

The Swiss Safety Center works closely with experts in a wide variety of specialist fields, is actively involved in standardisation committees and is closely networked internationally, for instance, through the SVTI’s membership of the Association of Technical Inspection Agencies (VdTÜV).